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VisibleDust Sensor Loupe Review

VisibleDust Lens Loupe Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

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June 2007

Sensor cleaning is something all Dslr users have to face at some point. Giving my camera to service technicians, is no longer an option for me, since this usually takes a week or more. I can't afford to be without my camera for a week, since that will mean loss in income. Also handing your camera to service technicians is not cheap. The best way is to seek products that you can use to clean your own sensor. The Lens Loupe, from Canadian manufacturer VisibleDust, magnifies the sensor and lets you clearly see where the dust is. It simply makes sensor cleaning easier and faster, it gives you less downtime and more shooting time. The sensor loupe has 6 angled, bright led's that shines light onto the sensor, the device is run by 2 CR2025 3V batteries, which are included in the package


Included accessories: Padded soft case, pouch, batteries, micro fiber cloth, and neck chord.

Weight: Approx 133g 4.65oz (with case)

Price from : $79.95 USD

Manufacturers web site:


VisibleDust Mounted on camera
The Sensor Loupe fits in place over the lens mount on the camera.


VisibleDust Sensor Loupe
A look thru the Sensor loupe, dust is clearly visible.


  • Great bundle.
  • It works!
  • Batteries are included


  • None


The VisibleDust Sensor Loupe is a must have for photographers cleaning their own Dslr's. When you have tried it once, you will think how did I ever manage without it?. Best of all, it's completely safe and 100% effective. Now anyone can clean a Dslr's sensor with professional results. The Sensor Loupe is great with the Arctic Butterfly 724

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Visible Dust BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7x Price: $89.95 USD

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Dot Line Sensorvu Loupe with Cleaner for DSLR Sensors Price: $89.95 USD

Delkin Devices Sensor Scope From: $74.95 USD

*Prices and rebates are subject to change. Listed price is from August 1, 2009


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