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VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724 Review

Arctic Butterfly Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

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June 2007

The Arctic Butterfly 724 is another product from the Canadian company VisibleDust. This is a company that takes sensor cleaning seriously. They have products for all your camera cleaning needs. Over the last couple of years dozens of companies have popped up to sell you cleaning products, but very few of them work. The Arctic Butterfly with its (SFT) Super-Charged Fiber Technology, have been praised by photographers all over the world. Now lets see how it works.

Basically you charge the brush by spinning it, and the dust on the sensor will get picked up by the brush.

Before cleaning.

After cleaning
After cleaning. I only passed the brush 2 times over the sensor. And as you can see, a real improvement from the before picture.

Charging the brush.

The Arctic Butterfly in action.


Included accessories: Soft case and a hard case

Price: Replaced by Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724 (Brite) Price: $112.95

Manufacturers web site:


  • Easy to use. Even if it's your first time cleaning your sensor, its pain and worry free.
  • It works, finally a Dslr cleaning product that works as advertised.
  • Build quality, I could back over this device with my car, and it still would be in one piece, if its in its case.


  • If you have over lubricated camera, you may need more wet cleaning than dry cleaning which Arctic butterfly is not designed to do. However, as camera ages and lubricant dries out, this will change in favor of Arctic Butterfly instead of wet cleaning.


The Arctic Butterfly is the best dry cleaning product on the market for cleaning sensors. Best of all the Arctic Butterfly 724 is completely safe to use on your sensor. If you use the product as described in the instructions, there is no way you would harm your sensor. There have been a big problem lately with new companies feeding the frenzy, with cleaning products that don't work. I`m really happy that I have found this product, the search is over for me. Finally a company that is serious, and makes products that really work, at an affordable price.

Affordable at almost 100$ USD you say? Put it this way, the most valuable part of your camera is the sensor, a camera with a scratched sensor is not worth anything, the only thing I want to touch my sensor with, is products that wont harm my sensor in any way. Instead of buying 10 different cheap solutions that might work, I'd rather buy one that really works, and that wont harm the sensor, Like the Arctic Butterfly 724.

If you get yourself the Arctic Butterfly, I highly recommend the Sensor Loupe as well.

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Arctic Butterfly SD800 Pro Kit. Price: $134.95 USD

Arctic Butterfly SL-700 Price: 74.95 USD

Arctic Butterfly 724 Travel Kit From $185.95 USD

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