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Nikon D2H vs D200

Nikon D2H
Nikon D200



Nikon D2H or D200? I've seen this question asked many times in different forums. question usually goes like this: I'm into action/sports photography, and I wonder if I should get the D200 or the D2H, the quick answer is, get the D2H(s). The D200 simply is not fast enough for Action sports photography.

In allot of cases you will get away using the D200 for this work, but in the long run you will not. The difference in shutter lag, is actually noticeable, The D2H is 37 ms, and the D200 is 50 ms, this you will actually feel if you try both cameras.

One of the questions you have to ask yourself if you are wondering to get either the D2H or the D200 is: do i need to print my pictures larger then 13" x 19", if you don't the D2H is the camera for you . Printing up to 13" x 19" is no problem for the D2H. Most of the time you will be downsizing picture with the D200. Bigger resolution don't mean better pictures. Most magazines have realized that the D2H`s pictures have more then enough resolution, to be used as cover shots, and spreads. Put it this way, if you are careful with your framing, then you are ok with the D2H, with the D200 you have more room to crop your pictures.

As for build quality, both cameras are weary well built, only thing i feel is a huge difference is that it feels like the D200 is built for smaller hands, the D2H sits really well in my hands(have large hands), with the D200 it feels like allot of the buttons are to close to the grip, and that my hands are too large. The D200 is definitely better weather sealed, almost to well, as the CF card actually gets moist if you use the camera in cold weather, I've never experienced this with the D2H. The vertical grip on the D200(MB-D200) can not be compared to the one on the D2H, the D2H feels so much better in my hands.


D200 has 22 nef shots as it max buffer, and the D2H has 26, sure its not a big difference, but its big enough, also the D200 takes quite some time emptying that buffer when it`s full. Meaning you will loose allot of shots you might have had


D200 is ca 5 fps vs the D2H 8 Fps. It takes the D200 4.4 seconds to fill the buffer, vs 3.25 for the D2H.

The autofocus on the D200 is almost as fast as the D2H, but i prefer the D2H hands down, especially the way the sensors in the D2H are aligned. The sensors in the D200 is too compacted in the middle.



Working with the D2H files is a breeze, working with the D200 files takes time, and I even have a quite high end computer(AMD 64 x2 4400, 4 gigs ram, 1.5 TB disk)
working on sequences the file sizes easily goes beyond 1 gigabyte in Photoshop, and that's working on D2H files. I'm not saying that 10 megapixel is a bad thing, for certain assignments i need it, but for everyday use, 4 megapixel is more then enough for me.


What's better on the D2H

  • Battery life, with the D200 buy extra batteries.
  • Autofocus speed.
  • Fps rate.
  • Buffer.
  • 100% viewfinder.
  • Button layout.
  • Grip. the D2H feels allot nicer in my hands.
  • shutter lag. 37ms vs 50ms D200.
  • Mirror black out.
  • Speed in general, the D2H is a way faster camera, with everything.
  • Viewfinder curtain. D200 does not have one.
  • Placement of connections.
  • Build quality.
  • IR. D200 is not weary good for IR photography.
  • Vertical grip (compared to MB-D200)

What's better on the D200

  • ISO 100, wish my D2H had that.
  • matrix meter II
  • Auto white balance. the one the D200 actually works (if you ever use it)
  • Lcd screen, way better.
  • Hi ISO noise.
  • Shadow noise, the D200 is almost as good as the D2X, showing almost no shadow noise at all.


If your primary use for the camera is Action sports photography, the Nikon D2H is the camera for you, especially if you want to do sequences.
If your primary use is anything else then action sports photography then get the D200.
I prefer using the D2H for almost everything, Only things i really wish my D2H had is, ISO 100 and a better Lcd screen, other then that I'm really happy with my D2H.
The D2Hs is a better buy then the D2H, if you can get it for the same price.

Recommended accessories for the D2H and the D200



Sample Shots

Camera Settings:
Color mode II, Tone comp normal, Hue adjustment normal, saturation normal, sharpening normal, WB: Flash.

Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio

D2H ISO 200

D200 ISO 200

D200 ISO 100

D2H chart
80-200 AF-S @ 1/250sec f/11
s200 chart iso 200
80-200 AF-S @ 1/250sec f/11
d200 iso 100
80-200 AF-S @ 1/250sec f/11

AF 50mm @ 1/250sec f/11

d200 color iso 200
AF 50mm @ 1/250sec f/11

D200 iso 100 color
AF 50mm @ 1/250sec f/11

90mm macro
AF 90mm @ 1/250sec f/11

d200 macro iso200
AF 90mm @ 1/250sec f/11

d200 iso 100 macro
AF 90mm @ 1/250sec f/11

Nikon D2H 8 fps
Nikon D2H 8 Fps
4 fps
This is how the same image would look like if it was shot @ 4 fps


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