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Nikon DK-17M Review

Nikon DK-17M Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

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September 2007

The Nikon DK-17M is a Magnifying Eyepiece for Nikon D2H(s), D2X(s) F6, D3 and D3X.(the eyepiece will mount to Nikon cameras that accept the round screw-on eyepieces). The DK-17M replaces the stock DK-17 eyepiece that comes with the camera, and increases the viewfinder magnification by approximately 1.2x. This gives DX DSLR users the feel of the full-frame viewfinders on film/FX based cameras.


1.2x magnification

Price from: $37.95 USD

Manufacturers web site:


  • Increases viewfinder magnification with 1.2x, especially useful on DX sized Dslr cameras.
  • Build quality.


  • Price. Although it's not a major investment I still find it pricey.
  • Rubber comes off to easy, I've lost 5 rubber gaskets so far.


The DK-17M gives you the feel of the full-frame view on a DX sized Dslr camera. It also helps problems associated with difficult viewing through a helmet, goggles etc. A must have item, when you have tried it once there is no way back. As you can see in the picture below, the eyepiece does stand out a bit compared to the stock one. I actually really like that, as my nose is less squeezed against the LCD screen.

Nikon DK-17M mounted

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Nikon DK-17m price: $37.95 USD

*Prices are subject to change. Listed price is from July 31, 2009


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