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SimpleViewer Pro Review

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SimpleViewer-Pro is a customizable version of the free Simpleviwer. It is a Flash based slide show to display images online. The pro version includes the Flash source files. To see examples of the slideshow click the portfolio tab on the top of the page.


Included: Source code, pre-compiled version without add, documentation and examples.

Requirements: Macromedia Flash MX04 (version 7.2 or later) authoring software to customize.

Price: $ 45 USD

Manufacturers web site: Airtight Interactive


  • Stylish, well I like the look of it anyway.


  • Hard to customize(unless you are really good with Flash)
  • Support. Support is lacking if you don't understand the basics of Flash. They will not explain how to customize the source files if you don't know how to do it yourself.
  • Price.
  • Limited number of pictures that can be in one gallery.
  • Time consuming, unless you have Adobe Lightroom.


Reading through the web site it will look like customizing the SimpleViewer is easy to do, Quote: "SimpleViewer-Pro can be easily customized by setting options values in a text file" this is true if all you want is to change small things like background color, witch side the thumbnails goes and so on. If you want to change things like the pre loader , you need good experience with Flash.
The support for the SimpleViewer is poor at best. The support is through an online forum, and allot of questions goes unanswered ( 688 unanswered posts on the forum) When you pay for an application you expect support if you need help. I submitted questions about modifying the SimpleViewer and they went unanswered for weeks, the author did answer other questions on the forum at the same time. but seemed to avoid certain questions about modifying the viewer. After searching through the forum I found several people asking the same questions, but none of them got a answer. You will be better of with the free version of the SimpleViewer than paying for the pro version.

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