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Nikon SB-800 Review

Nikon SB-800 Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

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With the SB-800 Nikon is once again ahead of its competition when it comes to flash. The SB-800 is Nikon's top of the line flash, which fully supports Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) (when used with compatible camera bodies and lenses).The SB-800 is also backwards compatible with older Nikon cameras, in supported modes, i.e. you will not be able to use I-TTL with a camera that doesn't support it. With the SB-800 Nikon has brought you wireless TTL flash for your Dslr, and made it simple and easy. Finally multiple flash use is a breeze, and you have full control from your camera.


Type: Shoe mount flash

Guide No: 125' (38 m) at 35mm Position, 184' (56 m) at 105mm Position

Angle of Coverage: 86° to 23° (24 to 105mm in 35mm format), 114° (14mm) with included wide angle adapter

Bounce Head: Yes

Swivel Head: Yes

Recycle Time: 2.7 Seconds with SD-800 Battery Pack and Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries, 6 Seconds with fresh alkaline batteries & full power

Power Source: Four 1.5-Volt "AA" batteries, One extra AA battery with SD-800

Included accessories: Quick Recycle Battery Pack SD-800 (for one R6 (AA) - size battery), Speedlight Stand AS-19, Colored Filter Set SJ-800 (FL-G1 and TN-A1), Diffusion Dome SW-10H, Soft Case SS-800

Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 70.6 x 127.4 x 91.7 mm 2.8 x 5.0 x 3.6 in.

Weight (without batteries): Approx. 350g (12.3 oz.)

Price from: Discontinued

Manufacturers web site:

SB-800's Key features


  • Wireless flash. The wireless possibilities that you get with the new Nikon flashes is great.
  • Flash have never been easier.
  • Lock on the flash shoe.
  • Included accessories.
  • Build quality.


  • Manual, The manual is less helpful at times, and you will find that you get ordered around in the manual quite a bit when you are looking for stuff.
  • Low battery. There should be a low battery/remaining battery meter on the flash.
  • Steel base on the flash shoe, I would rather damage the flash shoe on the flash, then the shoe on the camera, something that would be allot more expensive to fix. Trust me on this one, I've bent the shoe on my D3 badly after I got ran into by a snowboarder.


If you are a Nikon owner, this flash is simply a must for you, this is by far the best, and easiest flash I have ever used. You will be surprised by how much power this little flash have. I currently have 2 Nikon SB-800`s and 1 SB-600 that I use regularly. One thing you realize pretty fast is, I need more flashes, it seems Nikon have created an addiction here. Only major drawback is figuring out the manual, which has more information than you need. I have written a quick- start guide on how to set up wireless flash, so you don't have to read thru the 125 page long manual. Nikon Wireless Flash Setup. If you don't need the extra battery, commander mode or repeating wireless flash, Then get the SB-600.

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Nikon SB-600 Price From: $219.95 USD

Nikon SB-900 Price From: $449.95 USD

Nikon SU-800 Price From: $254.95 USD

*Prices and rebates are subject to change. Listed price is from July 31, 2009

Product Shots


Nikon SB-800 front
Nikon SB-800

Nikon SB-800 Back

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