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Nikon SB-26 Review

Nikon SB-26 Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

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The Nikon Speedight SB-26 was introduced in 1994, and was a upgrade from the Nikon SB-25. The key upgrades were: built-in slave function and a built in wide 18mm diffuser. In the digital era we live in this flash will not work in TTL mode with Nikon's Dslr's. It will work in Auto or manual mode. The most interesting feature for today's cameras is the built-in slave function in the SB-26. You will need another flash to trigger the SB-26's Slave function.


Type: Shoe mount flash

Guide No: 36 (ISO 100, m) with zoom head set at 35mm

Angle of Coverage: 18mm and 20mm(with built-in wide flash adapter), 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm and 85mm.

Bounce Head: Yes

Swivel Head: Yes

Recycle Time: Approx. 7 sec

Power Source: Four 1.5V "AA" batteries, And/or DC Unit SD-7 and high performance Battery Pack SD-8

Size: Approx. 79mm(W) x 135mm(H) x 101 mm(D)

Weight: Approx. 390g

Price: $ Discontinued

Manufacturers web site:


  • Wireless slave function.
  • Power, quite a powerful flash with Guide No 36m @ ISO 100
  • Second hand price, the SB-26 usually sells for $ 100 USD in EX+ condition.


  • Lock on the flash shoe.
  • Dual lock on the head, 1 for side-ways and 1 for up and down.
  • TTL. with Nikon's Dslr's you don't get TTL with this flash.


This is an excellent flash, it packs allot of power and it has a built in slave function. Although the SB-26 is not a Nikon CLS flash, it can be a great unit to add to any existing wireless flash set-up. Value for money is excellent, you get a powerful flash with a built-in slave for around $ 100.
The SB-26 is a bit more bulky then the newer SB-600 and SB-800, and the dual lock on the flash head is rather inconvenient. Do note that the older Nikon flashes will not give you TTL on a Dslr. All in all this is a great flash unit.

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Nikon SB-600 Price From: $219.95 USD

Nikon SB-900 Price From: $449.95 USD

Nikon SU-800 Price From: $254.95 USD

Additional Info on the SB-26

For Information on using the SB-26 as a slave unit


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