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Pacific Image PF 3650Pro3 Review

Pacific image 3650 pro 3 Life Pixel Infrared Conversion

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In the digital age we live in, allot of photographers have loads of old negatives/positives laying around, and what better to do with those old pictures, then to bring them back to life with a scanner. The PF 3650 pro3, definitely comes with a good bundle both on the hardware side and the software side. The big question is, does it do the job, and how well


Scanning Media: 35mm roll film, slides or filmstrips

Optical Resolution: 3600 dpi x 3600 dpi

Data Conversion:
- 16 bits per color channel (color mode)
- 16 bits, 8 bits per color channel (user-selectable)

Scan Method: Single-pass

Focus Method: Auto Focus

Sensor: Linear array color CCD

Light Source: White and Infrared LED array

Preview Speed: 10sec without ICE function

Scanning Speed:
- 3min 30sec with ICE function at 3600 dpi
- 70sec without ICE function at 3600 dpi

Interface: USB 2.0 and IEEE1394

Digital ICE³™ for dust and scratch removal,color reconstruction, and grain equalization.

price paid: $ 400 USD


  • Roll film scanning .
  • Price.
  • Bundle, comes with Photoshop LE


  • Slow. Scanning takes time, but this one is awfully slow @ full resolution and with ice enabled
  • Construction. I have got film stuck in the scanner more then once.
  • inconsistent results.


This scanner can produce really nice scans, it`s just not that straight forward. It seems to me, using the film presets, gives you worse results then choosing generic. Since this scanner seem to vary so much on the scans, it is of less value. The scans that it gets right tough , is of really high quality. If you can get consistent results from this scanner, it`s really good. It all depends on how much time you want to spend scanning your pictures, and figuring out how to get good results from it.. The good scans from this scanner is as good as with the Nikon coolscan V.

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Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED. From: $1,099.95 USD

Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED. From: $1,998.95 USD

*Prices and rebates are subject to change listed price is from July 31, 2009

Sample Pictures

Images have been imported to photoshop CS3 through Capture NX 2 thus leaving the original image settings as shot, I. E white balance, sharpening, etc .etc. Full resolution sample images are in RGB color mode. Check out my copyright page for information about usage of these images.


A good scan from the PF 3650 pro 3

Crop @ 100%

smirnoff the cat, bad scan
A terrible scan from the PF 3650 pro 3


bad scan 100%
Crop @ 100%

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