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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are only Nikon F mount lenses reviewed ?

A: I'm a Nikon guy, if I had Canon it would only be Canon lenses tested. And I can't possibly afford to get equipment for more then one system.

Q: Why do the lens ratings sometimes change?

A: I reserve the right to change lens ratings if I find it necessary. Usually the reason for changes in ratings are that I have tried more samples of that lens.

Q: Do you receive equipment from manufacturers for testing?

A: I don't have connections with any of the manufacturers, I have reviewed two lenses that I borrowed from NPS(Nikon Professional Services) , without them knowing what I was borrowing the lenses for though( Nikon 14-24mm & 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S). If any products do not meet my standards they are rated accordingly no matter what.

Q: How do you test the lenses?

A: I start with taking pictures of resolution charts, to see if there is any apparent problems with the lens. After that the lens are used against the resolution charts in real life situations. Sometimes lenses are great on "paper" but poor in real life situations, or vice versa. The emphasis is on how the lenses are in real life situations and not on how they do on paper or in a lab.

Q: Are you a professional photographer?

A: On and off. Due to my current health situation, I can't work as much as I want to.

Q: Why are pictures converted through Nikon Capture NX2, and not converted using Adobe's ACR?

A: Pictures are converted through Nikons software to give the "correct" test pictures for your evaluation. Adobe's ACR tends to go a bit nuts on Nikon RAW files. Sample pictures are shown as they where shot when they are converted through Nikon's own software.

Q: Do you own all the lenses you review?

A: I wish, equipment are sold after they are reviewed to be able to get new equipment for more reviews. The equipment I own and use for work can be seen here

Q: What's up with the Advertising?

A: The Advertising is here to help me pay for running this site. Buying items through these ad's will help me bring more reviews to this site. I never intended to have any ad's when I first started this site, but with the current traffic, running this site get's more and more expensive.

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