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Most reviews are very biased as the reviewers need to satisfy the companies / manufacturers they get to "borrow" the equipment from, weather it's online reviews or in magazines. I am not tied to any manufacturer or companies as I buy all the equipment I review. I don't push bad equipment, and I never will. My reviews are honest, and if something does not meet my standards I let the readers know!

Another reason I started the review section on my web page, was not the lack of reviews online, but rather finding good sample images from lenses and honest opinions. There are dozens of reviews giving you MTF charts and similar. In my opinion that doesn't explain how well the lens will perform in "real-life situations" but rather how good it can be on paper. One of the main goals with my reviews is to supply people with full resolution sample images, so they can decide for themselves how good a certain lens is, and if that lens/equipment will meet their criterias for satisfaction.

I know my reviews might seem simple, and most certainly short, but I'd rather provide you with full resolution sample images and honest opinions about the equipment.

The products that I review are either owned by me or borrowed to me by either: Torkild Kaland or Antonio Stasi. New and used equipment is bought from B&H. Listed prices on these pages are quoted from the B&H web site.

When you buy equipment using the B&H banners on these pages you help to support my web site, and help me to bring more reviews in the future.

Thank you for your support,

Fredrik A. Rasmussen
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